Copia Global

Copia Global, is, in their own words, “ecommerce for the base of the pyramid”,
but what does that mean?

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In rural communities, where sometimes, there may not even be an address for an online store to deliver to, still there are people who want access to modern products. Until now, they have been limited to only what is available at their local corner store or kiosk, but with the Copia app, families can now place orders for everything from baby strollers and household electronics.

While the rest of the world sees no benefit from providing access to important products to the billions of low-income people that at the very base of the economic pyramid, Copia knows better.

Our Impact


Elizabeth served for 12 years on the Board of Directors of Glide Community Development and the Glide Community Development Organization.


Funded 23 Microfinance organizations around the globe

100 + Million

On-lend over $100 million to poor entrepreneurs in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Mexico, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Tajikistan

10 Million

Under her watch, Unitus helped over 10 million families move forward out of poverty

How Copia Global works…

Customers visit their local shop, browse through the Copia products and place orders with the shopkeeper using the Copia app. Customers pay the shopkeeper for the value of the goods paying in one lump sum or in small installments on a “layaway” plan.  The shopkeeper uses a mobile payment system to pay Copia for the ordered products.

Copia delivers the goods to the shopkeeper within 48 hrs for peri-urban locations and within 1 week for rural locations.  Once the customer receives the order, the shopkeeper receives a commission from Copia.

Copia was founded by Tracey Turner and Jonathan Lewis, both business executives and proven successful social entrepreneurs.  Peter van As, a former Unilever executive with extensive experience in retail distribution throughout Africa, serves as Special Strategic Advisor to Crispin and as a Board Member.  Other board members include Dr. Jerry Held, a Silicon Valley veteran who has advised dozens of early stage companies, Tim Chege, a Kenyan based senior executive, and Saskia van der Mast, representing Copia’s lead investor, DoB Equity.